sobota, 16 kwietnia 2011


that's my little Nirvana's cover. recorded 8months ago. i tried to learn then how to record and mix songs. after 2weeks friend took his usb interface so i still don;t know how to do it properly ;p

Nirvana - Something in the way by riesa

hope you enjoy it (;

środa, 13 kwietnia 2011


so... i'm back. last few days was quite hard but now i can sit in my chair and drink some beer. this weekend, as always,i spent on orthodox choir. the only reason i sing there (i'm deist and i don't like christianity... sorry, no offence) is that they are paying me monthly. not much but it always is something  so i'm there 3pm-7pm saturday and 10am-1pm sunday. after i get back home on sunday i had just time to check what's going on on your blogs and got to go on rehearsal. lat one before this saturday when we gonna play gig for bikers club.
monday was sick day. i was at work (helping my friend that is stonecutter/stonemason... don't know right word in english but he is making granite monuments on graveyards. sth like that: )

we needed to destroy old, concrete monument just to make space for the granite one. after 6hours of hitting it with 7kg hammer we just destroyed 1/3 of it and got to go. when we were leaving i f***ed up tire in our transporter so boss (my friend) was mad, guy with whom i'm working then was mad and i didn't know what to do. after 2 hours of waiting for proffesional help my coworker went home so i was the only one that dropped about 2tons of concrete in just 1hour... still feel it in my musles. it was about 13hours of hard work (2 hours break in the middle).

so yesterday i was just laying in bed thinking all the time that i'm just not suitable for any type of work. everytime something must happen that destroys even simple work just because all my life i'm experiencing lack of luck...

today spent some time on Settlers 2 10th Anniversary -Vikings. game is little bit harder than the old S2 but i like it too. now going to dominate another mission (;

niedziela, 10 kwietnia 2011


still to busy to write something... at least i checked what is going on on your blogs. hope to finish all my work today and get free time tomorrow

sobota, 9 kwietnia 2011


I'm sorry that i didn't wrote anything today...  have no time through whole day. i hope that tommorow (maybe something about 12h) i'm gonna write something about today and partly tommorow (;

piątek, 8 kwietnia 2011


Didn't have so big hangover for a long time. Got back home today. I must to remember again... Never drink with my ex (not my last ex. other one :P ). Have big headache, stomach want to show me what i've ate and hands forgot how to move smoothly..

Few minutes ago i've finished 3rd chapter of Settlers 2. Still don't know when i'm gonna play 4th. today or tommorow.. It's time to find my Diablo CD. for me Diablo is much better than sequel. Mybe world of Diablo2 is bigger, there are more quests, items and other shit but i was never scared as much as when i play Diablo1.

czwartek, 7 kwietnia 2011


Nothing much to say today. It suppose to be boring day so... i've decided to play some old games during next two weeks. Today i'm gonna play Settlers II. The old one.

I just love this game. Played it 12years ago, sometimes still playing. For some people it could be boring but for me this game can give more fun that many new RTS'es. So see you tommorow (maybe on a hangover... we'll see ;P)

środa, 6 kwietnia 2011


Another day when i don't know what to do with myself. Feel quite better than during past few days but still there's a voice in my head (not in schizophrenical idea ;P) that says 'you're already at the bottom and you can't go back'. All of you are saying that everything is about good thinking. I was thinking good 4 years and everytime when i was happy because my life was becoming better something just crashes and i was two steps behind. Maybe solution is just to get used to this situation. We'll see.