piątek, 8 kwietnia 2011


Didn't have so big hangover for a long time. Got back home today. I must to remember again... Never drink with my ex (not my last ex. other one :P ). Have big headache, stomach want to show me what i've ate and hands forgot how to move smoothly..

Few minutes ago i've finished 3rd chapter of Settlers 2. Still don't know when i'm gonna play 4th. today or tommorow.. It's time to find my Diablo CD. for me Diablo is much better than sequel. Mybe world of Diablo2 is bigger, there are more quests, items and other shit but i was never scared as much as when i play Diablo1.

20 komentarzy:

  1. Yup thats some mfing Diablo right there. Too bad DIII is gonna suck dick so hard.

  2. This is such a classic, loved Diablo II, never played the first though. For sure getting Diablo III, what sucks is i heard it may go to console, which is never a good sign, for any game.

  3. I loved Diablo, I liked Diablo 2 (or at least half of it) and waiting to see Diablo 3

  4. Often immitated, never duplicated.

  5. Now I want to go back and play this one lol! Nice!

  6. i played diablo during 5 years on lan, oh my thats was so nice

  7. I havent played this game in like 10 years.

  8. Preferred Diablo 2 because it felt quicker and the gameplay was better , not so stable.

  9. fantastic game crazy how many people still play it

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  10. i spent so much of my life on diablo 2

  11. when you lost the CD but have the key you can dl the game from Blizzard

  12. BM: i have this CD but i need to find it on my shelf (; and Diablo never had any cdkey. it's too old game [;

  13. You know, I still need to play a diablo game. Such is life when you didn't grow up a PC gamer....

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