środa, 9 lutego 2011


It's almost 1am in Poland. 1,5h ago i came back from a 'date' with my girlfriend (we're gonna have second anniversary in about 3 weeks). Drunk again and tommorow i need to get up at 7am to get my guitar amp (Crate head) to guy that can fix it. My gf still don't wan't me to play in band (which I'm playing about 6 years... maybe 5). Too much to explain this situation with her and too difficult to say it in english (; quite shitty situation but i think i love her... damn :/

2. Introduction

22 year old male from Poland. Finished high school 4 years ago, never went to university. Still looking for job. Power metal band member. Few years ago vocals, last year bassist now rhythm guitarist. Even tried keyboards but... Nevermind. So in other words I'm a musician and want music to be my 'job'. Maybe someday...
Alcoholic... Cheap wine drinker. Even now I'm on a great hangover...

Perfect match for being a husband (;


Starting with blogging... For the last 12years that i have access to the web i never saw any reason to make a blog. Never knew what to write or other shit... So I'm starting a blog in english. Maybe this will improve my language skills, I hope. If you see that I'm making some mistakes just correct me in comments (;

This blog is going to be about music (I'm a band member, so maybe someday I'm gonna post some mp3's), maybe some funny things that i found on web and probably about my miserable life. Hope that someone will enjoy this site.